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Areas and Volumes


    We could say that all high school students know the formula for calculating the area of the circle, but very few really know how to explain why it works. In this course, through 30 instructional video sessions, you will be able to see and understand arguments that explain the reasons why the formulas to calculate the area of polygons and the volume of common solids work.

    This course will also help you raise your level of mathematical reasoning and motivate you to ask questions in your science courses (Why is this so?, Why does this formula work?, How is this justified? … and so on.)

    Who’s this course for?

    • Teachers of mathematics of any academic level
    • Teachers of pre-university levels in the area of basic science
    • Undergraduate or Master’s students in Mathematics Teaching
    • Students of any engineering or mathematics or physics major
    • Students who already know how to apply formulas for calculating areas and volumes, but want to understand why they work
    • People interested in enhancing their mathematical reasoning skills
    • Anyone interested in understanding a small part of the geometry

    What’s included in this course?

    • Detailed course guide
      You can get the complete guide of this coursethrough Google Books. In it you’ll find the contents of the course explained in detail through text, equations, graphs, diagrams, and figures. At the end of the guide, there are references (some of which can be downloaded for free on the Internet) in which you can find more details to deepen in these topics.

    ¿Ofrecen este curso en Español?

    Sí. Puedes estudiar este curso en Español aquí.

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