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Calculus Formulas


    Many people think that learning the calculus formulas is the most important thing when studying this course in school. That is not the case. It is much better to understand the ideas behind those formulas. In order to achieve this, this course is focused in the justification of the formulas and most important results in Infintesimal Calculus by means of the infinitely small quantities.

    By understanding the ideas behind the formulas, you will be better prepared to solve applied problems usign the ideas of Calculus.

    Who’s this course for?

    • Teachers of mathematics of any academic level
    • Teachers of pre-university levels interested in the ideas of Calculus
    • Undergraduate or Master’s students in Mathematics Teaching
    • Students of any engineering or mathematics or physics major
    • Students who already know how to calculate derivatives and Integrals, but want to understand why the formulas and procedures work
    • People interested in enhancing their mathematical reasoning skills
    • Anyone interested in understanding infinitely small quantities and their use

    What’s included in this course?

    • Detailed course guide
      You can get the complete guide of this course. In it, you’ll find the contents of the course explained in detail through text, equations, graphs, diagrams, and figures. At the end of the guide, there are references (some of which can be downloaded for free on the Internet) in which you can find more details to deepen in these topics.

    Required prior knowledge

    To get the most of this course, precalculus knowledge is required. In particular, you need a solid grasp of High school mathematics, namely

    • Algebra
    • Plane geometry
    • Analytic Geometry
    • Functions

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